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category CommandSim Checklist (Application) (2)
Electronic checklist form application
category CommandSim Installation and Maintenance (7)
Installing and maintaining CommandSim locally, on a network, or on the internet.
category Deploying Simulations (1)
Articles relating to how to distribute the scenarios once created.
category General Information (5)
Information related to the use CommandSim applications in general.
category Open Issues (0)
Open issues for CommandSim functionality.
category Running Exercises (11)
Tips and techniques for running exercises with CommandSim.
category Scenario Design (39)
Issues relating to scenario design.

Latest Articles

article Hardening the Flash Media Server
CommandSim uses the Adobe Flash Media Server as...

(No rating)  8-7-2011    Views: 1045   
article CommandSim Department Edition Change Log
Here are the main changes to CommandSim...

(No rating)  8-7-2011    Views: 1046   
article How to Install CommandSim Flash Components in non-English Versions of Flash
We found out recently from customers outside...

(No rating)  3-16-2011    Views: 1124   
article How to Change the State Programmatically (from within a node visual)
In other support articles, such as "How to...

(No rating)  2-10-2011    Views: 1171   
article Tried to Download Templates but Nothing Showing Up
We have found on Windows 7 that when you launch...

  1-24-2011    Views: 998   

Most Popular Articles

article How to make a Node Visual react to state changes
The basic process for creating scenarios...

(No rating)  3-28-2005    Views: 19126   
article Script Elements
The easiest way to find out the syntax of a...

(No rating)  3-25-2005    Views: 5241   
article Adding Environment and Participant Variables
Important: From a system demand p

  7-15-2005    Views: 5196   
article Scenario scripts and how to create and use them
Scenario scripts were introduced in version...

  3-24-2005    Views: 3838   
article Waiting for Dispatch, Custom Logos, and Other Special Files
Virtually all of the graphics in CommandSim can...

  9-18-2006    Views: 2646   

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